Lobito – Town in Angola

Traveling around the world is an amazing experience. This is the reason that when we have seen all the popular places the quest in us enlightens to explore all those areas that are unknown to the human eyes. So if you are on that stage of adventure it is the time that you try to Lobito.

It is one of the small cities in Angola. Many of the people call it the quiet city, however, if you get inside you will have the true feeling of the pleasure and what solitude actually feels like. Apart from that, there are also some amazing places to explore in the region that will make you want to come here repeatedly.


A walk through the history of Lobito

It is not one of the very old states. This is the reason that you can call it a young city. It got its name and recognition in 1905. The main purpose behind having this city was to secure the bay. As the city is located at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, many of the important trades are done through this coast.

Therefore, when the coastal trading enhanced the importance to form a city was increased because it would be easier to control. The city has its own set of rules according to the trades to make sure that people get what they deserve.

However, many of the tourists are attracted towards Lobito because of its famous port. When the city was officially recognized on the 2nd of September 1913 from that time they have been celebrating this occasion as the annual celebration.

Some amazing sites to visit

Apart from the port of Lobito, this hold many amazing eating places that you must make sure to pay a visit. As food is one of the major attractions of every town so the people of Lobito has made sure to provide the tourists with some of the amazing delicacies.

  • Alfa bar

It is one of the locations that are ideal if you are looking for some amazing pizza and fast food. The best part is that you will always come across a full house and thus it often becomes hard to find a spot.

  • Zulu

It is located at the end of the Restinga. So make sure to try the amazing dishes that you will find here

  • Luna

It is one of the latest bars that was introduced and opened in 2014. They not only provide the best food but also have a very amazing atmosphere as well as the standards are also very high

The beach chairs and the amazing wooden deck enhance the beauty as well as the eating experience

However, you have to keep in mind that alcohol is the only drink that is expensive in Lobito. So it will be an ideal choice to avoid drinking for a few days.

So make sure that you have the best time in Lobito. Do not forget to explore as much as you can because you never know what you might come across.

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