Port of Lobito, Angola

You might have decided to visit some of the amazing places in the world. So make sure that you have Lobito on your list as well. This might be a small town but it holds some of the amazing beauties of the world that will not only amaze you but also want you to explore more.

The moments that you enter Lobito make sure that you do not forget to visit the port of Lobito as it is one of the main attractions of the city. It is the reason that Lobito has gained the popularity and admiration in the world. So here is everything that you must be aware of the port of Lobito.

Port of Lobito

The port has been specially designed in such a way that it is perfectly positioned on the coast of Angola. It has a major importance for the country as it is the reason that many of the markets from around the globe has been connected to Angola. Apart from that, major raw material and other products are imported and exported through this port.

The traders from around the world visit the area every year to enhance their trade and this is the reason that economic state of the country is going towards betterment and the government is working to make sure that the condition of the port should be improved and more technology is introduced for the ease of the traders.

The best part is that it provides are a perfect as well as a secure harbor to the people who are deciding to visit. So if you are a true adventurer you might take the risk of visiting the port of Lobito the first thing by coming here through the ship.


The port of Lobito is located on the bay of Lobito. It can be considered as the midway between Namibe and Luanda.


The modernisation

Following are some of the amazing steps that are being taken by the government to make sure that the state of the port of Lobito is enhanced.

  • In March 2008, the major project to expand the port began. The main purpose of this project was to make sure that it is divided into 5 phases.
  • The rails were replaced and the embankment of 1122 meters was done. Rehabilitation were done to make sure that it gives modern looks
  • In the second phase, the construction work was done. It was ensured that the new and advanced forms of bridges were constructed for the ease of the passengers
  • In the third phase, the terminal ores were constructed
  • In the fourth and the fifth step of the construction, it was ensured that the places for the terminals and minerals were constructed. It was done to provide maximum spaces for the new installments of the imported stuff

One the five phases have completed the bay of the port of Lobito was done. So make sure that you have some amazing time at the port.

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