What to do in Lobito, Angola

Despite the civil war issues and the other problems that have been occurring in Angola. Nothing should stop you from visiting this amazing place. As it holds the beauty in itself that will mesmerize you in the best possible way. The part about it is that it is one of the largest places in Africa and thus have many things to offer to you.

So make sure that you buckle up as you are about to get the information on the best places that you can visit in Lobito, Angola.


It is the amazing wildlife sanctuary that has the best setting and atmosphere. The Parque Nacional de Kissama has been built with the goal to protect the species of endangered animals in Africa and provide them an environment where they could breed.

  • This mission was started in 1938
  • In 1957 it was turned into a park
  • During the civil war due to negligence it suffered a lot
  • However, with the proper care now it has the best breed of buffalos, turtles, and elephants

Tunda Vala Fissure

One of the most amazing and spectacular creations of the nature that you will come across in Angola are these fissures. It is the perfect elevation of rocks that are 2600 meter above the level of the sea. The moment that you will set your eyes on this place it will become to notice the beauty that it holds.


It gives pleasure to the eyes and amazing sensations that you are able to experience these wonders of the world at least once in life. Apart from that, there are patches of grass and savannas on this rock as well.

Dilolo Lake

It is a mythical lake that is found on the eastern coast. It is not only the largest lakes in the country but has been serving as the best tourist’s spot since years. The best part about this lake is that here you will come across many rare species of the birds that you might not find anywhere else.

Apart from that, the lake has special myths that have been made because the directions of the waves that appear in the lake are towards the east. People say that the waves have some supernatural force to stop fishing. However, if you consider taking a bath in this lake September would be the best time because of the perfect temperature.

Dala Waterfalls

These waterfalls are 60 meters high and thus provide a very scenic and photographic view. The best part is that in order to experience the view you can experience it from the bridge that has been built specially for the people. With the very first look, you will fall in love with the scene.

So now it is the time that you experience something that you have never seen before. Make sure to visit as many places as you can because the more memories you will make and have the best time.

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